In the Classroom

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In the Classroom

OGS is based on the belief that children are naturally adept learners, and when given the materials, guidance, time, and opportunity, they will choose to learn joyfully and spontaneously.

Children are individuals, and learn differently from each other, at their own pace and in their own way. Children learn best in a safe environment, free from fear of failure, and when they are physically and emotionally comfortable.

Children need to know that their work is important and relevant. They learn to read, write, understand math and science, in the same way they learned to walk and talk — by experimentation, practice, watching role models, trying and not succeeding, and finally trying and succeeding.

Children learn best when their family is involved in and supportive of their education. Children learn best when the teacher is a facilitator of learning rather than a director of learning and they have choice and control of their learning process

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