In the Classroom

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Our children engage in discovery-oriented learning based on individual ability rather than age. We provide them with the environment, the materials, and a talented and committed professional staff to facilitate the acquisition of new skills. The teachers maintain a highly individualized and flexible curriculum to allow the children to learn in their own way, and at their own pace. We believe exposure to many things is the key to successful preschool years.

Our teacher-student ratio is no more than 1:12, which is required by the state, and often lower than required. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative decision-making skills are modeled and encouraged. We strive to improve your child's self-regulation and coping skills by modeling/teaching positive communication.

The children have opportunities to move freely about and choose individual activities as well as engage in group projects and activities. Group games and projects are generally non-competitive, and we strive to promote positive self-image in all work and play. Preschoolers and kindergartners mingle for various activities and programs during the day and frequently one child will act as mentor and tutor for another child due to the range in ages in classrooms. Teachers focus on the child's learning process over the product that is created.

Parents, teachers and children together develop an individualized learning program that describes activities appropriate to the developmental level of the child, and set goals to be achieved by the child. Evaluations are interactive between the child and the teacher, a process by which learning is facilitated rather than judged. Goals for your child's time at Oak Grove School will be collaboratively established between teachers and parents. Progress will be discussed at parent-teacher conferences twice a year.

Enriched curriculum

Month Alphabet Color Shape Number Theme
September A,B,C,D Red Circle 1,2,3,4 OGS rules,
routines and friendship
October E,F,G,H Yellow Oval 5,6,7,8 Hygiene and
5 senses
November I,J,K,L Blue Triangle 9,10,11,12 Me, myself, and my body
December M,N,O Red + yellow = Orange Square 13,14,15 Families and their culture
January P,Q,R,S Red + blue = purple Rectangle 16,17,18,19 Kansas
February T,U,V,W Yellow + blue = green Diamond 20,21,22,23 Animals and habitats
March X,Y,Z White + black = gray Pentagon 24,25, 26 United States of America
April A to M Shades of color Hexagon 1 to 12 Community and workers
May N to Z Rainbow (Roy G. Biv) Octagon 13 to 26 Universe and space