In the Classroom

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Special Day

Once a month, your child will be asked to stand up and do a brief presentation about an item of his or her special interest, family, culture, or a special custom or tradition. Parents are welcome to help their child with his/her presentation. Your child's special day will be assigned to you on a monthly calendar. If the date does not fit well, please email the director. Examples include: songs, pictures, books, non-violent toys, or traditions.

As part of your child's special day, you may want to prepare a snack for the children in the school. Please note: This snack is completely optional. You are not required to prepare a snack. If you choose to prepare a snack, please provide a healthy snack, with minimal sugar, and enough to feed 28 children and 4 teachers.

Toy guns, war toys, or super hero figures who solve problems through violent acts (such as Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Batman, war figures) are NOT allowed at school because we feel they encourage and legitimize aggressive behavior. We also do not allow paraphernalia, toys and games with such super-hero figures to be used at school. If such objects are brought, we will put them in the child's cubby for the day.